Friday, March 04, 2005

No title for this post

No title for this post because it's not about anything in particular.

I haven't worked on the pink cardigan at all after I took that photo; instead, I've been frantically trying to finish up the raspberry Backyard Leaves scarf. The recipient's birthday is Sunday, and I know it's totally feasible for me to finish the scarf before then if I just work hard enough. I actually need to finish knitting it by Saturday night, wash and block overnight, sew the two halves together Sunday, and give the gift Sunday night.

I borrowed Vivian Hoxbro's Shadow Knitting from the library, and I love it! Well, what I love is the way the designs look, and I particularly love the simple pot holders, heart bags (what a great gift!), toss pillow covers, and The Squared Top for the kiddies. Ok, ok, ok, now that you force it out of me, what I really love are the super duper fancy charts. Yes, I love the charts and the fact that one must consult these monstrosities to actually knit something from the book.

I also borrowed The Best of Knitter's Magazine Shawls and Scarves. While this book has enough complicated charts to keep even me happy, the book is so terribly busy and disorganized that it's immediately going back to the library. Yikes! Looks like someone with a very short attention span put that together. It gave me a headache. On top of my ear ache. Oy.


At 2:59 PM, Anonymous regina said...

charts! arrrghh! i am so thoroughly intimidated by charts. I suppose that i'm not as visually oriented as verbally (ironic, isn't it?).

have a good weekend!
regina (a fellow knitter's review member who thoroughly enjoys your posts and your blog)

At 3:05 PM, Blogger grumperina said...

Hi Regina,

If you have any interest in lacy shawls, the second book I mentioned, The Best of Knitter's Magazine Shawls and Scarves, might be for you because in addition to charts, they have the patterns written out in words! Don't quote me on that, I didn't check each and every pattern, but some are definitely written out. As for me, I'm definitely a chart girl :).


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