Tuesday, March 22, 2005

This post is about you!

Enough self-centered blabber. Me, me, me, me, and my pictures and my VPC and my early onset of middle-age grumpiness… now let’s talk about you! I am glad you guys want me to interview you! And it’s cool that I know some of you quite well and can ask pretty specific questions, and I look forward to learning more about everyone else! I decided to follow Tara’s lead and ask 4 knitting questions, and 1 non-knitting question. Also, I loved putting these interviews together, but there are only so many one girl can do (and only so long she can put off her experiments to write blog entries). Five is plenty for me, so I will not be interviewing anyone else :).

KLV, of course I want to interview you! Here are your questions:

1. I know you knit and crochet. Is there any type of project that you would only crochet or only knit?
2. Do you plan to teach your children how to knit and/or crochet, especially your cutie Z? (R is currently into video games and LEGOs, as far as I can tell). Will you suggest, highly recommend, or require that your children learn?
3. What is the one yarn that you’ve always wanted, but don’t have? And why don’t you have it yet?!?
4. What is the most unusual or embarrassing thing that’s happened to you at a local yarn shop?
5. What do you do to relax when you’re really tense? And if it’s knitting/crochet, then pick another answer :).

Betsy, here are your questions:

1. I know there’s some roving and a drop-spindle hiding between your rabbits’ hay, but how come we don’t read much about it on your blog?
2. Talk to me about color. We agree, and we disagree. There is orange, there’s green, there’s rhubarb. Have you always liked orange? Is green one of your favorites, too? What colors make your knitting happy?
3. What is the one knitting pattern you absolutely love, but know you will never, ever make? Why? Have you bookmarked or purchased this pattern to admire it lovingly?
4. Is there anything unusual about the way you knit? Do you cable without a cable needle, or knit backwards, or hold your yarn differently, etc.?
5. Other than yarn, do you have any particular shopping obsession? Shoes, coats, jewelry, etc.?

Judy, here are your questions:

1. How did you come up with the name for your blog? Does is have any knitting significance?
2. You seem to be a very well-stocked knitter, with extra balls of every yarn. Give us an idea of the size of your stash? (in whatever measurement is convenient: pounds, number of balls, number of bathtubs, houses, etc)
3. Did you teach your daughter, Katie, to knit? Has it been a rewarding experience? Do you always want to jump in there and help her with her mistakes?
4. You seem to knit a lot of socks, you even have a poll on your website! How did your sock-knitting start, and what’s the appeal? Why do you keep on knitting socks?
5. You live in South Carolina. What do you like better, the mild winters, or the steamy summers, and why?

Diana, here are your questions: (I tried really hard to keep the “me” part to a minimum)

1. You and I have many similar knitting habits. I also have a hard time working on more than two projects at the same time. Why does it stress you out? Do you not have any UFOs as a result? What do you do if you start a project and it just doesn’t work for you?
2. Despite the popularity of the Rebecca Wrap Cardigan in blogland, you went against your “style” (and mine) and jumped on the bandwagon. Your wrap came out gorgeous, by the way; I’m glad to have found your blog, I dig your knits. Anyway, there’s supposed to be a question. What do you think about massive numbers of knitters working on the same project? Is it helpful, frustrating, distracting? Related: what do you think about knit-alongs?
3. You mention some totally enviable yarn brands on your blog: Dale, Harrisville, Jo Sharp, GGH. If all the yarn companies, except one, were to disappear off the face of the planet, which company would you want to supply all your yarns?
4. Do you dabble in other fiber arts: crochet, spinning, weaving, etc.?
5. Do you take advantage of New York’s theater scene? Do you like to go to plays, musicals, comedy shows?

And finally, Alexandria, these questions are for you. Alexandria is a new knitter and is hoping to use this interview to inaugurate knitting content into her currently knit-less blog. We like that!

1. Basic knitting history – why, how, and when did you learn to knit?
2. What kinds of yarns do you like? Have you chosen an absolute-favorite yarn yet?
3. You live in the People’s Republic just like me, and probably use public transportation with some frequency. Have you knit on the subway or bus yet? What do you think about people who knit in public?
4. As they say, keep an eye on the prize. What is the ultimate knitting project for you? What kinds of things do you hope to make or design?
5. You have some interesting stories on your blog. Have they been published anywhere, or do you plan to do so?


At 1:21 AM, Anonymous Michelle said...

I got your note, don't worry you don't have to interview me, I was just kidding! Did you see that knitpicks added 2 new yarns? Limited colors right now but they look interesting (much bulkier though).

I could not resist making this - no grumpy middle-aged toddler is complete without it!

At 8:17 AM, Blogger Tara said...

I'm so glad I only got asked for one interview. I had fun coming up with your questions, but yeah, I can imagine it would get old!

In other news, I got my yarn for the vintage cardi. I'll post about it later, but it is NOT GOOD. Damn computer lying to me about the color! Grrrr..

At 8:24 AM, Anonymous Judy said...

Interview is up on my blog! I knew the questions would be good.

At 9:52 AM, Anonymous Diana said...

Thanks for your great questions! I am so glad I requested an interview. Answers are up on my blog!

At 4:30 PM, Blogger alexandria said...

thanks for the questions! i appreciate the excuse to introduce knitting content to my blog. answers are posted.


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