Wednesday, March 30, 2005

You guys are way too sweet!

I got four separate e-mails letting me know that my blog is down - thank you so much, and I know! I noticed this last night, and it was bothering me so much that I woke up at 4 a.m. (not on purpose or anything), and half-asleep booted my computer to see if it was back up! Blogger has been terrible in the past two weeks. I also kept getting that blank page when I'd load the url, and I wasn't able to load "dashboard", the interface where I can add posts, change the look of the blog, etc. But now it seems back on track. For how long, I don't know.

Which brings me to point #2: it's time for me to get my own domain. I've been keeping all my pictures, videos, and knitting webpages on Harvard's domain, and really I would rather have it elsewhere. And Blogger is a serious pain in the butt. Can anyone recommend user-friendly blogger (using the term generically) software? Movable Type, in its raw form, is a bit too much for me. I can (and have) figure it out, but I want something a bit more simple, with a user-friendly interface. Any suggestions?

Edit: Thank you for all your suggestions. I'm not looking for a Blogger-type website (Blogger, Typepad, Blogcity, etc.). I will buy my own domain for two purposes - I'll have a blog on there, and also regular html-coded pages for life and knitting stuff. So, I just need some software to help me with the blog part. Movable Type in its raw form worked fine for that (I had my blog on Harvard's domain for a while), but it was very awkward for me to code. So, something like Movable Type, or a software that is based on Movable Type, but is easier to use would be the winning ticket :).


At 5:19 PM, Anonymous Michelle said...

I believe Typepad is a kinder gentler version of Movable Type. I use livingdot to host my domain, $12 a month for unlimited blogs and came with Movable Type installed.

I'm saving and posting an EZ button btw :)

At 5:53 PM, Anonymous Eva said...

I use Wordpress, and I like it a lot. It's pretty easy to install the support website is pretty good.

I've made things difficult for myself by getting into the CSS and stuff, but you definitely don't have to do that.

At 8:53 PM, Anonymous Colleen said...

I recommend Typepad. For a measly $8.95/month I get all the MT I need for right now. And, if you can save your photos at Hah-vahd, then you'll save Typepad disk space.

At 2:01 AM, Anonymous Betsy said...

My recommendation is just to stick with movable type and get some help with the initial layout coding. I had Jeff do the main layout of our blog, but now I can edit the templates and stylesheets etc with just a little practice. It's not as daunting as it seems initially.

At 8:22 AM, Blogger Tara said...

I have no clue about the computer stuff....still figuring that out by myself. But I'm glad you're back! :)

At 8:28 AM, Anonymous Leanne said...

Take a look at squarespace. You have have your own domain and do as much or as little html as you want.

At 9:12 AM, Anonymous Diana said...

You really don't want MT? I find it super easy and straightforward to use. My blog is set up in a similar way to what you are describing - its running blog software in a hosted space, with the option to create normal html pages.

Check out Living Dot - I am in love with this hosting company. They are super helpful, fast, and will install MT or another blog software for you. My blog was up and going within an hour of placing my order with them.

At 12:44 PM, Anonymous Michelle said...

I'm not very helpful in these kinds of things, but I do know that if you purchase a domain, your webspace carrier often includes a blog in the package; at least that is how we did it. I added MT but Adam uses another blog software (I can't recall the name, it is probably Typepad) for his other site and it came with his webspace, and he says it is simpler than MT.

As I said, I am not much help but when you are shopping for webspace and domain providers, you can look for blogging ability in the package.

At 12:45 PM, Anonymous Michelle said...

Oh, crap. Sorry about that - blogger gave me an error the first 2 times so I kept trying.


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